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Packomatic Co., Ltd. was established in 1994 to provide top quality machines from Europe to the pharmaceutical industry in Thailand. Our core business is related to packaging machinery for sterile and non-sterile production.Our principal suppliers have many decades of experience in the field. We have expanded our activities to cover sterile processing equipment   since 2004, vial and ampoule inspection machines and tableting machines since 2008.

            Our machines are designed and manufactured to meet cG.M.P. standards and in line with FDA requirement. We provide qualification validation and installation. We guarantee to supply genuine parts and OEM parts from machine manufacturer and provide after sales service by our qualified engineers.







Company Name       Packomatic Co., Ltd.

Address                     296/19 Soi Tiwanon 28, Tiwanon Road,

                                    Bangkrasor, Muang,

                                    Nonthaburi 11000


                                    Phone: (662) 9507510 – 13

                                    Fax    : (662)5803687

                                    Email :

                                    Website : 


Registered in             November, 1994

Management             Mr. Preecha Kulsomboon (Managing Director)

Bank                          Standard Chartered Thai Bank Public Company Ltd.

                                   Lotus Rattanatibet  Branch,

                                   Nonthaburi, Thailand.

                                   Account No. 0702000340




Product Represented by Machine Applications


1)     Packaging :


Strippacking machines for tablets/capsules

Catchcover Sealing Machines

Blisterpacking Machines for tablets/capsules

Tablet Counting Machines for pharmaceutical & hospitals

Capsule Filling Machines

Sterile Powder Microdosing & Closing Machines (with or without check weighing)

Dry Syrup Powder Macrodosing & Closing Machines

Ampoule & Vials Washing Machines (Rotary or Linear Type)

Sterilizing Tunnel Class 100

Liquid Filling Machines & Closing Machine

Labeling Machines

Cartoning Machines

Case Packers

Tube Filling Machines


2)     Processing for Non-Sterile Products :


High Shear High Speed Mixer for tablets granulation

Fluid Bed Dryer

Tablet Compressing Machines. Fixed Turret & Interchangeable Turret

Tablet Dedusters

Film Coating Machines

IBC Lifter & Positioning Equipment

Dry Heat Sterilizer Class 100

Steam Sterilizers

Freeze Dryers

Semi Automatic Tablet Counter for hospitals

Semi Automatic Liquid Filler for hospitals

3)     Processing for Sterile Products


Multiple Effect Distillation Stills for WFI production

Pure Steam Generators

Sterile Liquid Mixing Vessels integrated C.I.P & S.I.P kits

Sterile Ointment/cream vacuum Mixing and Homogenizing Vessels

S.I.P Mobile Kits

Steam Sterilizers, Superheated Water Sterilizer, Steam + Air Sterilizers

Freeze Dryers

WFI Storage Tanks




Business Handled : Importer and Distributor of Packaging Machinery,
Processing Equipment for Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic Industries.


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